“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

What does your website say about your business?

In a world full of online access and information, it’s more important than ever for your business to stand out against the rest. Every brand has a different twist and image, and we strive to maintain that image with a website that is up to date and easy to navigate with a touch of style.


Building Perfection

We aim to please with upfront pricing, contractual expectations, and two rounds of revisions on the house. No unpleasant surprises. 

To capture the individuality of your brand we work with you to extract your unique preferences and keep you involved in the website creation.

Our Unique Process


We will first have you complete a survey to complete a quote. This serves as a blueprint to your individual needs, and provides us the tools to accurately quote a price for the entire project. Once you have received your quote, breathe easy, we never deviate from a quote so you’ll never end up with an unexpected bill. 


Once a quote is accepted, a contract will be signed by both parties describing the expectations and requirements to complete the project. You will be provided with assistance to help you plan your website with a one hour phone consultation to finalize your website content and placement.


Once the content is created and the website planned, the creation begins! The website building process generally takes around 1-2 weeks and an estimated completion date is included in the contractual agreement. We keep in close contact with our clients during this time to get the best results possible. 


After the website as been completed, another 1 hour phone consultation will be scheduled with screen-share. During this consultation you will be walked through the website, and shown the location of links and confirmation they working properly. You will be shown each page in every detail to check for any potential changes you may want to make. 


During the one hour phone consultation/screen-share, you will be given your login information and shown how to login and make minor changes to the website should you care to do so. If you have chosen to add a blog to your website, you will be shown how to make new blog posts and monitor comments. We do caution those who are not tech-savvy, however. It is easier to obtain our website maintenance package than to accidentally erase your site!

Finishing Touches

Any initial changes you would like made are usually completed during the tutorial to give real-life examples of editing the site. You have an additional 72 hours to find any other corrections or revisions you would like us to make. After those revisions have been completed, you have an additional 72 hour period to review the website and make any additional requests. This is included in your package, and is free of charge.

Website Features

  • Automatically Responsive Websites: Programmed to reformat and look great on mobile.

  • E-Commerce Web Design

  • Embeddable Video Compatibility: For instructional or informational videos.

  • Blog Integration

  • SEO Optimized: Helping your customers find you.

  • Website Training: Helping you manage your site after completion.

  • High Quality, Professional Stock Photos: Or use your own photos!

  • Website Maintenance and Hosting Packages Available

  • Donation Integration for Non-Profits

  • Custom Built to Suit Your Needs: No Templates Allowed.