It seems as though when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed you’ll see a shopping mall of “life changing” products available from your friends. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: Multi-Level Marketing, commonly called Direct Sales or Network Marketing now fills your newsfeed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I started learning about social media marketing from joining a MLM. It was a strategic move- I loved the product, wanted more of it for free and knew I wanted to do social media marketing for others, so why not start the learning process first hand with promoting my own product! I’m not sure if it always filled my newsfeed and I was oblivious until I joined one myself, or if it’s a newer trend, but either way there are several misconceptions that I’d like to clear up for the better good of Facebook as a whole, and newsfeeds everywhere!

First and foremost: get a Facebook business page. There are different camps on this one, but I strongly feel that any “business” should have a business page. Blasting your friends and family 10 times a day is only semi-effective and only for so long. You’ll dry up your resources, and your client base and commissions will dry up with it.

Now some people are in the market of just adding random people to grow their personal page to increase their reach instead of growing a business page. Although this prevents the inevitable initial dry up, you can only have 5,000 friends on Facebook, so the dry up is still inevitable. There is no limit of fans on a business page, so your reach can be infinite.

A business page can be done successfully one of a two ways. You can get a public figure page and build it and advertise your MLM business on that page. This is effective if you aren’t attached to your current company, that way, if you switch companies, you still have your fan base since they are following you rather than your company/product. Do note, however, that people who decided to become your fan because they were interested in your product may loose interest if you switch to a completely different product. If you go this route and switch, be very upfront with your fans.

You can also get a traditional business page, and build it the same way. Do make sure that your specific MLM allows this, however. Every company is different, and has different rules and regulations. Usually there is compliance team you can contact to find out before hand.

Again, this may not be for you if you aren’t attached to your current company. If you start a business page for your “Jamberry Nail Wraps” please, please, please don’t start a new page called “My Body Wraps” and merge the pages hoping to keep your fans. While it’s true that both of these products have a strong female client base, your nail clients might not need or want body wraps. It’s tacky to bait and switch, and it’s pointless. You may feel good about saving those 200 likes, but if they are all people who were interested in nail wraps, and aren’t interested in body wraps, you are effectively wasting your time. QUALITY OVER QUANITY! Every single time, People!

The idea of managing a separate business page is a big turn off to a lot of MLMer’s. A common complaint is, “It’s too hard to get my posts seen.” While true, it’s the same issue every single other business is facing in the world of Facebook, so you have the choice to either treat your “biz” like a business, or you can effectively annoy the crap out of everyone else until they unfollow your personal page, and you’re left with an audience of zero.

To be clear, I’m not saying don’t ever post on your personal page- even Kim Garst who is a social media queen does. If you’re excited about your product/job/business it will come up on your personal page because it’s a big part of your life. I share photos of websites I’m in the process of completing because I’m so excited about it! I’m proud that I’m a work at home mom, and I’m able to work a business I love while caring for my kiddo’s, and contributing to the family bank account, and I will post about my successes like I would with any job.

I’m not talking about occasional posts of this nature. I’m also not talking about sharing an occasional post from your business page. I’m talking about the people that post every 5 minutes, and relate everything to their “biz.” Not only is it annoying, and can leave people blocking you, but it’s against the laws of Facebook. If you violate these rules, you can get your page shut down, and although it doesn’t happen all the time, it does happen. If you are building your business from your Facebook page, this could effectively shut your business down.

In closing, I’m not saying I didn’t make any of these mistakes in my own MLM journey. I believe most companies train you to blast your Facebook friends. There is even one MLM that I won’t mention, that boasts, it is a strictly social media based company. These things aren’t best practice, and leave the MLMer feeling as though they are failing when it isn’t their fault they weren’t trained in best practices.

This will be a multi-part series aimed at helping those in MLM learn better practices from someone who has been on both sides of the fence. Next up we’ll be covering “classes” and “parties” for MLM’s on Facebook, and later on.. How to successfully recruit using Facebook Advertising.